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electric guitars - Thomas Winterstein, Christian Jung
solo guitar - Thomas Winterstein
vocals, upright piano & other instruments - Amin Jan Sayed

Me and you                     written by Amin Jan Sayed                              

Watching the town
through the rain falling down
on the lanes where we had our dreams.
A steady downpour
just the trees may ignore
they stand tall in the flowing streams.

Long long long ago
when the lanes were quiet and clocks were slow,
the only secret I knew
was me and you.

Along the canal
I once strolled with my pal
we would jump on the old flood gates.
Weighing the anchor
we set out to sail off
for waters so far away.

Long long long ago
when the world was wide and a whisper low
the only secret I knew
was me and you.

Watch the park meadows
where horse goddess statues
enticed us to mount their backs.
Let´s ride away again,
you and me scouting
around for unbeaten tracks.

Long long long I´ve grieved
for the days of pure make believe,
for this place of silence and glee
for you and me.

Far far far away
from the maze in which we go astray
we once ruled the park, the tallest trees
and the statues stretching in the summer breeze,
so we climbed the statues and just
yes we climbed the statues and just
rode away.
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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