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western guitar - Christian Jung
vocals, bass & other instruments - Amin Jan Sayed

Mine tonight                           written by Amin Jan Sayed
mine tonight,
we don´t need to hurry up
cos we´re given nothing but
time tonight, just rely
on the river of replies,
on how the stars above your eyes
shine tonight.                            
mine tonight,
I don´t want to make a deal
all I want is you to feel
fine tonight, fine tonight,
we can sleep under the sky,
in the open we could lie
all entwined,
let´s just be all entwined.
Will you go?
Will you stay?
I can love you just this way.
Just tonight, be my love, be my light, mine tonight.
The moonlight skims
across your skin,
you look and say
“just hold me, don´t let go”!
All I know
about the rivers that we swim
under starlight and everything
it´s alright, how couldn´t I
love the seconds wearing on
for hours and hours. Somewhere along the line,
will you be mine tonight?

Please don´t speak,
only say
that you´ll love me just this way,
for tonight we can be groom and bride,  
just tonight, place your trust
in mine, just
mine tonight.
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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