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Morning sun

solo guitar - Jan Pascal Stieber
western guitar - Christian Jung
vocals, grand piano & other instruments - Amin Jan Sayed

Morning sun                                        written by Amin Jan Sayed

Out in the sun there´s a kid on the playground
watching the skies and vapour trails.
The chill of the morning keeps fighting his blazer,
trousers and shoes to no avail.

Where´ve all the doubts come from?
See how they teem in the morning sun!
All of a sudden they ´ll
turn up and come away,
how can they blaze in the morning air?
how can they flame like they just don´t care?
see how they flare,
see how they flare.

A gull with its mother soars into the blue sky
tranquil and calm, it learns to fly.
It hovers, discovers its mother´s composure
turning its head from left to right.

Where´ve all ambitions gone?
Once they were strong in the morning sun.
See all the gulls they ´ve got
feathers for flying off,
look at them skimming the morning winds,
every time when the new day begins
you feel them skim
under your skin.

Late in the night there´s a small celebration,
candles appear on window-sills,
little groups huddle away in the garden,
except for their rustle all is still.

See all the lights they´ve strung,
tomorrow they´ll dull in the morning sun.
Plucky glow worms appear,
they don´t mind, they don´t fear,
why do they fade in the morning air?
how can they take it and never care
what has begun
under the sun?
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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