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Cover of Small whales by The Wednesday Train

All guitars by Christian Jung
vocals, bass & other instruments - Amin Jan Sayed

Small whales                                                       written by Amin Jan Sayed

We have walked along the seashore
looking at the open sky,
is there a place
for lovers needing one another?
skimming stones of happiness?
embracing life and everything they love?
Am I asking too much?

High above us soaring seagulls
sail on rainbow-coloured dreams.
I´m aching for
these moments meant to last forever.
And as we glance across the waves
and spot the whales surfacing close by
I know it´s all worthwhile.

Worries scattered to the four winds
come back swooping down but I,
I feel my soul
telling me what the waves already know:
there is hope and life,
a life somewhere upon the rugged shore
how could I ask for more?
Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.
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